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Connect to HSBC

We have worked jointly with Hong Kong major banks to introduce iMGR, one-stop cloud-based HR and payroll software, to our clients with over 10 years of experience. Start managing your company’s payroll and MPF contributions simpler and easier by connecting your business account with iMGR.

With this integration, the monthly payroll and MPF contributions will all be processed in one single platform automatically.


Find out to know more about how we align with HSBC.

PeopleTech x Reap

We at PeopleTech are excited to partner with Reap to empower our clients’ ability to manage payroll and salary payments with our joint platforms.

Enjoy first $10,000 payment on Reap without charges


Registrations 1 year contract can enjoy 25% off PLUS 3 months free trial (iMGR) Or 25% off discount the HROne system




Human Resources Management System



Human Resources Information System


Employee Self Service Portal

Payroll Outsourcing Service

Monthly Payroll Services

Taxation Services 

Employee Self Service Portal

Comprehensive HR Payroll System support


Attendance tracking & record management 
GPS location tracker
Real time QR code scanning 
Support multiple location



Human resources management play a strategic role in every company, which considered one of the institution’s most important assets. Employees are crucial of a successful business and so, effective management can help the business to gain a competitive advantage.


“A good company cannot be built without good Human Resources.”


The organization would not be able to develop a great team without having a proficient HRM department as the works of HRM are directly correlated to the benefits of employers and employee, which has involved several of complicated issue and process. A competent HRM should make employees as a value and assets of an organization instead of a burden; the human capital management process becomes easier as well as human resources management.


With the above in mind, we dedicated to the success of our customers by offering high quality of HRM products and service, and outstanding business value. Get the most from your investment by using our tailored services to meet your unique business needs.




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