Exclusive Offers for PeopleTech and Reap Clients

PeopleTech x Reap

We at PeopleTech are excited to partner with Reap to empower our clients’ ability to manage payroll and salary payments with our joint platforms.

Exclusive Offer from Reap

Reap is a payment platform enabling businesses to pay salaries and other expenses with credit cards, such as invoices and rent.

With Reap, you can extend your cashflow for up to 58 days while leveraging cash-in-hand to expand your business.

Enjoy your first $10,000 worth of transactions on Reap without fees with this promo code:


Exclusive Offer from PeopleTech

PeopleTech operates a cloud-based system that suits clients from all industries or business models. We strive to provide an all-round HR service for SMEs, such that they can manage their business account in a faster and simpler way.


We are glad to announce our new strategic alliance with Reap, and will launch an exclusive offer for all of Reap’s clients:

3 months free trial (iMGR) and 25% off for 1 year contract registrations. Or 
25% off discount the HROne System

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