公告 - 有關匯出2019/2020年度僱主報税表格/通知書的電腦格式事宜

Updated: Apr 20, 2020



* 詳情請參閱稅務局網站:

基於以上原因本公司已按指引提交了合乎要求的IR56表格予稅務局審批,現階段處於等待批核結果。有見及此,今年度本公司建議若客戶是透過僱主自行設計軟件(即iMGR/ HROne)匯出IR56表格,暫可沿用系統上現有的表格下載至CD-ROM光碟或USB儲存裝置檔及自行遞交至稅務局。



基於稅務局今年更新了相關表格,客戶遞交的稅務表格有可能不被接納。如出現上述情況,請致電本公司客戶服務部熱線 (852)3891 3000或電郵至

Announcement - Submission of 2019/2020 Employer’s Return/ Notification in Computerized Format

According to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) regulations:

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) encourages employers to submit the IR56 forms in electronic format. Employers can prepare the required data file by using the IR56 Forms Preparation Tool provided by IRD or develop their own software (“Self-developed Software”) in accordance with IRD’s requirements specification. In the latter case, employers must obtain written approval before they can file the respective IR56 forms in computerized format to IRD by using Self-developed Software.

* For details, please refer to:

Therefore, People Technology has already submitted all related and most up-to-date IR56 forms to IRD for approval. At this stage, it is waiting for the approval result and it might take some time.

We recommend that iMGR/ HROne customers who generate IR56 forms through Self-developed Software (iMGR/ HROne) to generate Taxation file (IR56 forms) in a CD-ROM/USB and submit to IRD for this financial year (2019/2020).

For existing iMGR/ HROne customers, please also provide to us your taxation file number, where we will complete IRD registration process on your behalf. Please click the link and fill in the form:

*Please note that the taxation file maybe rejected by the IRD as a result of a recent format update. If you encounter the above situations, and/or have any inquiries, please contact our customer service at (852) 3891 3000 or email:

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