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【最新服務New Service @ People Technology】


People Technology今日推出了最新的服務─支薪外判服務啦!

我們明白你日常大部分時間及心思均需投放在主要業務上,處理各項強積金事宜對你來說可能十分費時,並或許成為行政負擔。People Technology為客戶引進優秀支薪外判服務,以後的工作就自然更輕鬆。想了解更多就預約時間諮詢啦!



Feeling headache while doing payroll contribution?

People Technology has launched a new service, HR payroll outsourcing service, today!

Looking after all aspects of payroll contribution may seem like an administrative burden and can be time-consuming, especially when you would rather focus your time and energy on your core business. People Technology understands the challenge for SMEs, so we are introducing quality payroll outsourcing service. Let’s book for consultation to know more details!

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